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Why Your Website Needs To Rank On Google


Do you have a business here in Cebu or in any part of the Philippines or in the world? No matter what your business is, you are either selling some products or you are selling certain services. Whichever it is, your business has to rank on Google for you to make huge sales continuously.

According to a reliable report, more than 60 percent of buyers, do online research before they order products or services. Now, if a potential buyer does a research about the services you provide, and your business isn’t ranked on Google, he won’t come across the link to your business. The buyer will eventually buy from any of your competitors whose website has a higher rank on Google.

Of course, without any SEO efforts, your business will still appear on Google but it will appear at the back. If you have been using Google you’ll understand that when you search a particular keyword, it may return up to 50 pages. The problem here is that people don’t go beyond the fifth SERP (search engine result page) before they select where to purchase what they want to purchase.

So, businesses that appear after the fifth page will hardly be seen. And they will be losing a lot of potential customers.

This is why smart businessmen strive to rank higher on Google so that their business will appear in the first few search engine result pages.

Here is the reason why your business needs more than a web development company in Cebu, Philippines. You also need SEO service providers.


Here are some of the benefits of high Google ranking.

  1. More traffic and sales
    As explained earlier, when your business ranks high on Google, you’ll keep getting huge traffic on your website on a daily basis. Fortunately, this will not be ordinary traffic, but mostly ready buyers. This is because people make research about certain services or products when they need them. So, high ranking on Google will help to raise your sales.
  2. Credibility
    People generally trust Google. If your business keeps appearing on Google, the credibility of your brand and business will continue to soar higher. That will lead to both brand reinforcement and more sales.
  3. Competitive advantage
    The chances are high that many of your competitors are already ranking high on Google. If you continue to operate without SEO, you’ll be shortchanging yourself as they’ll have technical and competitive advantages over your business.
  4. SEO attracts local customers
    If you run offline or physical stores, ranking high on Google will also bring several local customers to your store. First, SEO will lead them to your website, and when they get there, they’ll see your local address on your website and people who live in that particular part of the city may decide to come over. This is the reason why you should always put your address clearly on your website.


Now that you understand the importance of ranking on Google, you may want to hire any SEO service provider that you are able to contact first.

Don’t rush to hire any SEO specialist. There are certain factors you have to consider.

Here are some important tips for hiring an SEO service provider.


4 tips you need to apply when hiring an SEO Specialist

  1. Consider your web development company first
    Not every web design company in Cebu, Philippines can handle SEO services, but some of them can. So, you should hire a web development company in Cebu that is experienced in SEO services. This is better than hiring different companies for your web development and SEO needs. It will likely cost you less when both needs are met by the same company.
  2. Your SEO company must include keyword search in their services
    Many SEO service companies do not achieve the desired results because they work on wrong keywords. On the other hand, successful ones start the SEO campaigns of their clients with keyword research.

    Does this sound strange to you? Hold on a second, the term will be explained now.
    Keyword Research is the process of finding out the keywords that people search most within a niche. For instance, in the spa business, some of the most searched keywords are full body massage, spa near me, massage near me, and massage therapy. If you are a player and you want to rank higher in the niche, you’ll need to use the keywords in your SEO campaigns. Any SEO company that does not do keyword research will not likely achieve the desired results many times. So, you should consider only an SEO provider that does keyword research.
  3. You also need on-page SEO
    Another strategy that boosts SEO result is on-page SEO. For people who aren’t familiar with this term, on-page SEO is the process of increasing the Google rank of your website with the factors you can control on your website. This is very important because it works better than off-page SEO efforts. So, you should confirm that your SEO expert will include on-page SEO in their SEO package before you hire them.
  4. Consider experience too
    There is no field where experience is not important. As you must have heard several times, experience and expertise always go together. So, you should hire a company that has been providing SEO services for some time.

You don’t need to begin your search from scratch since there’s a website design company in Cebu, Philippines that meets all the requirements listed above.

The company has been providing website development and SEO services in Cebu for several years. In addition, the company starts their SEO service with in-depth keyword research, the company also offers on-page SEO services, and most importantly, the company is highly experienced in website development and SEO. The name of the company is Cebu Web Solutions. You can contact them for website development and high Google ranking today.


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