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How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

7 Benefits of Digital Marketing in Growing Your Business

As technology advances, the number of people that get on the internet increases. It would make sense for business owners like you, to market your products or services online. The internet has become an important ingredient when it comes to having a thriving business.

Here are few reasons why you should start doing Digital Marketing for your business:

Secure your Google account now.

It's Safer Internet Day and Google needs to do a simple security checkup for your Google account. In return, you will get additional 2GB extra space on your  Google Drive account.



Apple iCLoud

Weak Passwords and Security Questions on iCloud accounts.

Apple confirmed that certain celebrity accounts were compromised that results in massive leak of private naked photos of high-profile celebrities.

Google Authorship is Dead

No more Google Authorship in search results

Do you love seeing your name as the author of a website shown in Google Search Results Page? Well, you won't see it anymore.

Google will now stop showing authorships in search results page. They said that the information is not that useful to users and in some cases even distracts them from the overall experience.

Facebook bans Like-Gating

Facebook Bans "Like-Gating", Pages have 90 Days To Comply

Facebook's latest platform policy update said it will no longer allow Pages to require a user to Like a Page to gain access to content, contests, apps or rewards. The new policy will take effect on Nov. 5, when any existing like gate will be disabled. Any app created between now and then will not be able to create a like gate.

SEO Tips - Redirect non-www to www using htaccess

Redirecting from non-www to www using htacess

Search Engines like Google sees a non-www (like website and a www ( website as separate websites. Therefore, Search Engines see two (2) copies of the same contents from different websites ( and This is called "Duplicate Content" which Search Engines considers in ranking a website and if they see duplicate contents on your website, your ranking drops.

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