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  • Digital Marketing Process

    Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. - From wikipedia.org

    Cebu Web Solutions offers Digital Marketing services to help you:

    • position your brand to the right audience
    • to get new leads
    • turn leads into paying customers
    • help you grow your business


    How we can help you grow your business


    Here's our process on how we can get you new clients for your business:

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    1. We will start by setting up your business's Social Media Profiles and building a High-Conversion Website based on "What's Working Now" approach in Digital Marketing. Your website design and contents will be regularly updated with the latest strategies in Digital Marketing.

     cebu digital marketing 022. Doing On-site and Off-site SEO together with running Social Media Campaigns to your targeted audience will result in website traffic that generates leads in your website. In this process, we are looking for people who are looking for products and/or services that you business is offering.

    We will also do Keyword Research and integrate these keywords into the contents of your website. On-site SEO is also done to make your website easily understandable by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. that will result in having your website rank higher in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when someone is searching online using the keywords we are targetting.


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    3. We will help you craft your own Lead Magnet that you can offer to your clients in exchange for their contact details. Contact us to learn more about Lead Magnet.


    cebu digital marketing 04

     4. We will help you craft your own Tripwires or Self-Liquidating offers so your clients can have a taste of what your business can truly offer and why they should choose your business instead of your competitors. Contact us to learn more about Tripwires.


    cebu digital marketing 05

    5. It is now much easier for you to offer your main products and/or services to your clients who had consumed any of your Tripwires.


    cebu digital marketing 06

    6. You can also offer upsells, cross-sells, etc to increase your profit.


    cebu digital marketing 07

    7. Nurture your existing clients by sending them regular email newsletters or SMS.


    cebu digital marketing 08

    8. Offer your clients an upgrade on what they have purchased or availed from you. Or notify them through email or SMS about your new products and/or services.


    Digital Marketing is a complicated process which you, as a business owner, may not capable of. Instead of doing digital marketing on your own, which will require more of your time, partner with us and we will do all the hard work so you can focus in growing and improving your business.

    Instead of hiring your own Marketing Staffs, which you will need to train them first, partner with us and we will be your Digital Marketing Specialist. We will do all the hard work so you can focus on your business.

    Click here to send your inquiries and let's discuss how we can start your Digital Marketing campaigns.


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  • Free Digital Marketing Consultation



  • How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

    How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

    As technology advances, the number of people that get on the internet increases. It would make sense for business owners like you, to market your products or services online. The internet has become an important ingredient when it comes to having a thriving business.

    Here are few reasons why you should start doing Digital Marketing for your business:

  • Website Design & Development plus Keyword Research and On-page SEO



    Make your website your best online marketing tool.

    By integrating the stategies below, your website will be your source of new leads and new customers.


    4 Effective Website Strategies To Get Leads and Customers


    keyword research website development cebu philippines

    1. Keyword Research

    Discover the exact keywords/words that your customers are using in searching for your services/products on Google, Bing and other Search Engines.



    on site seo company cebu philippines

    2. On-site SEO

    Structure your website contents that Search Engines can easily understand therefore showing your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).



    conversion focused website cebu web development

    3. Conversion-Focused Design

    Aligning your website with your marketing goals. A website strategically-crafted for your target audience to take action, guiding them to the buyer's journey.



    lead generation website development company cebu philippines

    4. Lead Generation Opt-in Form

    Give a compelling reason for your website visitors to leave their contact info for your to contact them at a later time.


    Our Business Web Development package integrates these 4 Effective Website Developement Strategies into your website.

    Your website is also strategically-designed and developed to help your business get more leads, sales, revenue and build your email list.


    Let us help you implement these strategies.

    To get started, tell us about your business and who your target customers are.

    We will help you build a website tailored-fit for your business that generates Leads, Sales, Sign-ups or New Clients.

    Our Client Manager will contact you via email to schedule a NO OBLIGATION Strategy-Call session. 





  • Website Developer and Designer in Cebu City, Philippines

    Experienced and Professional Website Developer and Designer in Cebu City that will help you build your website your business.

    We offer Website Development packages that are perfect for Small Businesses who wants to start an online presence. An affordable way to start an online presence.

    Your website works 24/7 and is your best online marketing tool for your business, if done right. 

    Our Basic Website Development Package includes Keyword Research and Onsite-SEO to boost your Search Engine ranking right after launching your website.



    2 Key Strategies included with Basic Web Development Package


    keyword research website development cebu philippinesKeyword Research

    We will determine that are the Keywords that your customers are using to look for your products/services in Google or Yahoo/Bing.




    on site seo company cebu philippinesOn-site SEO

    After determining the target keywords for your website, we will integrate these keywords into the content of your website. This process will help Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to easily understand what your website is all about and therefore showing your website infront of those who are looking for it.




    A search engine optimized website will help your business generate more leads and clients.



    *Business/Custom Web Design and Development is also available. Click here for more info.



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