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  • Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

    Cebu Web Solutions offers digital marketing services in Cebu City, Philippines, including
    • Website Design and Development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Web and Email Hosting

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    Are You Looking For Ways To Get More LEADS and CUSTOMERS For Your Business?

    As a Small/Medium Business owner, you need to focus and devote your time and energy in improving the services or products that you are currently offering to your clients. You are also looking for ways to get new clients on a regular basis so you get more revenue and continue expanding your business.

    How you can improve or enhance your current services or product so you can deliver more value to your clients is your forte. But marketing your business maybe NOT and you are looking for assistance in this area. Well, we've got you covered.

    Cebu Web Solutions offers cost-effective ways in marketing your business online. Partner with us and we will help you craft your Digital Marketing campaign that will provide your business with new leads and clients. Contact us now to schedule a FREE Digital Marketing consultation.


    Click here to learn more about our Digital Marketing process.


    Let us help you start your business' online presence and give you more clients to grow your business. We will do all the hard work for you.


    Digital Marketing Services


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    Website Design and Development

    A conversion-focused website that will help your business generates leads and new clients. We don't just build you a website, we make sure it generates revenue.

    Learn More About Web Development Packages


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    SEO Services

    Get your website on top of Search Engine Resuls Page (SERP) and get more traffic to your website. Cebu Web Solutions can help boost your website's ranking to get more targetted audience get to your website. 

    Learn How SEO Works


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    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook has 1.5 billion users. That's a big market. We will give you a chunk of it. Enough to make your business grow. Contact us now to start your Social Media Marketing campaign.

    Learn How Social Media Marketing Works


    Business Services


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    Domain Registration

    Your home on the Internet. Registering a Domain is just like having a permanent address on the internet. Register your preferred Domain now before other people take it. It's just $14/yr. Protect your domain's whois info, get  the Domain Privacy Protection for just $5/yr


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    Web Hosting

    Cebu Web Solutions offers reliable Cpanel Web Hosting. Our Enterprise-Grade servers are located in the United States with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. High performance web servers at affordable cost.

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    Business Email Hosting

    Stop using free emails when sending proposals, you are promoting someone else's business. Use your business name in your emails and promote your own brand. Cebu Web Solutions offers Business Email Hostingwhich includes Webmail, POP and IMAP access. Read and send emails from any computer or from your mobile device anytime.

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    Cloud Hosting

    As your business grows, your demand for web resources also increases. Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing fits for this type of businesses. Scale up, add resources anytime you need it. Our Cloud servers uses Pure Solid-State Drive (SSD) for faster read/write and Cpanel.

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  • How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

    How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business

    7 Benefits of Digital Marketing in Growing Your Business

    As technology advances, the number of people that get on the internet increases. It would make sense for business owners like you, to market your products or services online. The internet has become an important ingredient when it comes to having a thriving business.

    Here are few reasons why you should start doing Digital Marketing for your business:

  • How To Make Your Website Work For You

    3 Factors That Make Your Website Your Effective Marketing Tool


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    Our Business Web Development package integrates these 3 important Digital Marketing strategies into your website. Your website is also strategically design and develop to help your business get more leads, sales, revenue and build your email list.


    A website tailored-fit for your business that generates leads and new clients.


    We are very sure that you do NOT need a website that just sits on the internet waiting for the next website visitor.

    Your website should be looking for your next client.

    Our Business Web Development package is a conversion-focused website that generates leads and new clients for your business. This includes Keyword Research and On-site SEO to help Search Engines better understand your website, services/products and shows your website in front of online searchers who are looking for services/products that your business offers.

    Each business has different needs, and so does your website. Our Business Web Development package is perfect for businesses who need custom functionalities on their website.

    Contact us now for a Free Web Development Quote.


    What will you get?

    • Unlimited Dynamic Web Pages
    • Your Preferred Design
    • Customized Website Functionality (ex. Online Booking, Online Reservations, etc.)
    • Sales Copywriting - crafting a copy/writeup that talks to your website visitors
    • SEO Content Writing - to boost SEO
    • FREE Domain (.com, .net, .org, .biz)
    • FREE Domain Privacy Protection
    • FREE Keyword Research
    • FREE On-site SEO
    • FREE CloudFlare CDN
    • FREE Facebook Fan Page
    • FREE Twitter Account Setup
    • FREE Google+ Business Page Setup
    • Create Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 5GB Web Hosting Package - Your online storage for website files and emails.
    • Your Own CPanel
    • 4-6 Weeks Completion
    • FREE Guide on how you can update your website's content

    Some features are only available if website is hosted in Cebu Web Solutions' servers.


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    Website Security (Add-ons)

    Website Firewall
    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    Automated Offsite Backup
    Backup via FTP (separate FTP account needed)
    Backup to Amazon S3 (Amazon S3 account needed)
    Store backup archives on DropBox,, Google Storage, iDriveSync, SugarSync or RackSpace CloudFiles


    Website Updates/Website Maintenace Hourly Rate of only P1,200(US$25)/hour.

    Call us now so we can get started building your website.


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    *Basic Web Design and Development is also available. Click for more info.



  • Social Media Marketing using Facebook

    Why You Need To Start Facebook Marketing today


    facebook-logo-smThere's a lot of market online and it is easy to reach new clients IF you know what you are doing, else  you will be wasting a lot of your money creating Facebook Marketing Campaigns that gets very low returns.

    This is where we are great at. We take care of marketing your business online while you have your time planning, implementing and expanding your business. Sounds great, right?

    Cebu Web Solutions uses Facebook platform in marketing your products and services online. Why? Facebook has 1.86 billion users worldwide - as of December 2016.

    That's a big market and we can help get a chunck of it into your business.


    What are included in this campaign?

    • Facebook Desktop & Mobile Ads
    • Up to 5 Types of Facebook Ads Campaign per month (Budget dependent)
    • Carousel Ads
    • Video Ads (Video from Client)
    • Intensive Audience Research which includes
      • Location
      • Age Range
      • Status (Relationship and Marital Status)
      • Gender
      • Interest
      • Behavior
    • Ad Monitoring and Optimization
    • Ad Strategic Planning and Implemention
    • Monthly Reports


    Select your preferred Facebook Marketing Package below:

    FB Marketing - Starter

    $300 / month
    P15,000/ month
    • Includes P5,000 ($100) Ad Budget
    • Up to 2 Ads/month
      • Page Likes
      • Website Traffic
      • Image Ad
      • Carousel Ad
      • Video Ad
    • FB Ad budget can be increased to P20,000 ($400)
    • 6 months min campaign length

    FB Marketing - Advanced

    $700 / month
    P35,000/ month
    • Includes P15,000 ($300) Ad Budget
    • Up to 5 Ads/month
      • Page Likes
      • Website Traffic
      • Image Ad
      • Carousel Ad
      • Video Ad
      • Lead Generation
      • Retargeting
      • Event Promotion
      • App Install Promotion
      • FB Contest
    • FB Ad Budget can be increased to P50,000 ($1,000)
    • 6 months min campaign length




    What are the objectives of this campaign?

    • Grow your Facebook Business Page Likes by marketing to your targetted audience.
    • Promote your products and services to people who already shows interest on your business.
    • Help you engage with your clients and answers their quiries on your Facebook page ASAP. You do not want to wait for days just to get your questions answered, right? We know that.
    • Get Highly-Qualified Leads.
    • Create your new Client Database. Connect with your new clients whenever you have new products/services, offers or promotion.


    What are the advantages of Social Media Marketing over traditional marketing like Newspaper, Radio and TV Ads?

    • Social Media Marketing Campaigns can be set to show only to your target market. Audience Research is very essential in Social Media Marketing.
    • Newspaper Ad, Radio Ad and TV Ads, aside from being very expensive, your Ads are shown to a very broad audience - including those who do not need your products or services - but you are still paying for it.


    How is it possible to target an audience who are looking for specific products or service?

    • You may have not know it but Facebook is tracking all activities of their users including the websites they visit, what they purchased online, etc. This is how Facebook determines each user and it is now easier for any businesses to create a campaign and target a specific type of audience.


    Is Social Media Marketing applicable to a certain type of business?

    • No. Social Media Marketing is applicable to ANY kind business and industry.


    Cebu Web Solutions can help you achieve your goals in growing your business through Social Media Marketing. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you with your Social Media Marketing.


    Need help in getting started with your Facebook Marketing campaign? Contact us now for a Free Consultation.



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